16 Oct 2007.
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PACTS call for 20 mph speed limits is fatally flawed
PACTS are once again offering the Government misguided advice on road safety by calling for a default speed limit of 20 mph in towns. Road safety isn't about 'simple' physics; it's about all road users behaving in a safe manner.
ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries says:
"Concentration, alertness, and observation are fundamental factors required for safe driving, which are maximised by the driver setting a speed appropriate for the prevailing road conditions. Forcing drivers to travel below an appropriate speed is therefore detrimental to road safety."
Vehicle stopping distances are determined initially by driver reaction time, and the Highway Code braking distances are not representative of modern car braking systems. Furthermore, a 20 mph speed limit will cause more congestion and increase vehicle emissions. Safe Speed has already pointed out the fact that DfT figures for 2006 show that there were more killed or seriously injured casualties in 20 mph zones than in 30 mph zones. Humphries continues:
"Is road safety a fašade for a PACTS anti-car and anti-driver agenda? The absurd attempt to somehow link the introduction of 20 mph limits and the resultant longer journey times with reducing obesity suggests that it is."
The ABD is a member of PACTS and seems to be the lone voice of reason.


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