8 Nov 2007.
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Drivers` Safety Advice Ignored in Highway Code Review
Eighteen Sensible Safety Suggestions Snubbed
The recently revised Highway Code does not include a single one of the 18 suggestions put forward by the Association of British Drivers, despite the group being invited to contribute to the Driving Standards Agency's consultation. The suggestions were intended to improve road safety for all road users and included the following: The full list of suggestions and the reasoning for them can be found on the ABD's website 1.
ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries comments:
"None of the ABD's suggestions for improving the Highway Code would be considered controversial by any reasonable person, but they have all just been dismissed out of hand. It is clear that the government is not interested in using the pool of knowledge about real-world driving that exists within the ABD, simply because we campaign against its dogmatic anti-car policies.
The ABD has many advanced drivers and former traffic police officers among its members. I suggest we are better able to contribute to improving road safety than most of the Whitehall desk jockeys responsible for the failed strategies of the last decade."

1. Highway Code 2006

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