7 Dec 2007.
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Cool It Mr Benn
According to media reports 1 the Environment Secretary, Hilary Benn, is to declare that This represents selective reporting and is open to interpretation as an attempt to mislead the public. The ABD has some questions for Mr Benn to answer and for journalists to cover when reporting this 'story': ABD Environment Spokesman Ben Adams comments:
“This cherry picking amounts to transparent propaganda. The timing is well judged with politicians and activists flying out to Bali, road hauliers considering anti-fuel duty blockades, and a so-called 'eco march' in prospect. Unfortunately for Mr Benn the nature of his statement will raise more questions than it answers in a debate that eco-totalitarians claim is over. Clearly it has barely started.
With decades of solar induced climate cooling ahead 2 politicians seem desperate to frighten voters into going along with imminent and unnecessary tax hikes, and controls on individual mobility. When a politician says they will control our planet's complex chaotic nonlinear ocean-atmosphere climate system by hiking tax, the only reaction is to laugh out loud.”

1 Daily Telegraph
2 www.climatecooling.org

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