16 Dec 2007.
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Paul Smith
Paul Smith, founder of SafeSpeed, and ABD Highland Local Co-ordinator, has passed away at the age of 52.
Paul joined the ABD in May 2001, and founded his SafeSpeed website less than a month later, a rapid development that highlighted the effort that Paul would put into campaigning over the next 6 1/2 years.
Paul believed road safety should be based upon properly collected evidence, not the contrived statistics promoted by the government.
"British road safety was the best in the world. Now it is institutionally incompetent at the highest level."
Paul Smith, 2006-08-30

Paul recently proposed a 100 word highway code:
* Drive on the left. Make sure you can see and be seen. Keep a constant look out all around. Be aware of signs and regulations and why they are there. Be predictable.
* Recognise and anticipate danger and keep clear space from it. Always ensure that you can stop within the distance that you know is clear. Develop your skills.
* Give courtesy, co-operation and space to others. Don't obstruct them.
* Never take risks, drive unfit or compete with others.
* Safety is paramount and far more important than priority. Take personal responsibility for your safety and the safety of those nearby.
* Enjoy.

Brian Gregory, Chairman of the Association of British Drivers, said:
"Everyone in the ABD who knew Paul would like to offer their sincere condolences to his partner and family."

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