6 Jan 2007.
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Government Car Crushing Waste Scandal Must End
It seems that every day we hear of vehicles being seized and crushed by various government departments including police,customs and excise, local authorities and trading standards. The ABD asks why these vehicles are not being auctioned off to raise funds.
ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries explains:
"Vehicles are seized by various government departments for a variety of reasons. They may be untaxed, uninsured, illegally parked or used in unlawful activities. However, whatever the reason for seizure and whatever the value of the vehicle the outcome appears the same:-crushed regardless. Yet many of these vehicles have considerable value, either complete or as parts. It is scandalous that goverment departments are not taking advantage of this valuable resource to subsidise often expensive seizure operations."
Recent examples of 'seize and crush' include: ABD chairman Brian Gregory commented:
"Even if the 45,000 uninsured vehicles crushed only had an average value of £50 that is still a question mark over more than two million pounds of untapped resources."
ABD Environment spokesman Ben Adams said:
"This government is so venomously anti-car, that confiscated vehicles are thoughtlessly crushed out of sheer spite. They claim the environment to be their top priority yet it appears they are encouraging the mindless destruction of huge resources of used parts that could be recycled and destroying serviceable cars. The latter creates an unnecessary environmental cost of manufacturing vehicles."

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