10 Feb 2008.
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Manchester Geared Up For Gridlock?
Reports of bemused onlookers have reached ABD HQ following the emergence of GMPTE posters in Manchester
Presumably the logo in the posters was intended to signal smooth operation of integrated transport modes, but the gears are in fact "locked up" — so nothing can move at all!
There must surely be some mistake here, unless the logo is meant to represent the council's infamous congestion causing traffic light system on Deansgate and was specifically designed to avoid falling foul of advertising watchdogs.
ABD and MART spokesman Sean Corker:
"There aren't enough eggs in Manchester to cover the embarrassed faces of whoever came up with this. Reality is just as bad. Despite consistently falling car numbers in the town centre, average traffic speeds (the Council's chosen measure of congestion) have been steadily falling, so congestion has been increasing. It looks like a classic case of 'all the gears but no ideas'".
The appearance of this poster leaves several questions unanswered:

1.According to Roger Ford, Editor of 'Modern Railways' magazine (commenting on research by Professor Kemp on transport modes and energy consumption):
"At present a family of four going by car is about as environmentally friendly as you can get."

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