25 Apr 2008.
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Treasury Dash for Cash Exposed as Motorists are Mugged Yet Again
Another so-called 'green' tax hike hitting drivers has been shown up as a scam, with very little impact on emissions.
Treasury figures obtained by Justine Greening MP 1 show that the car tax hike announced by the Chancellor, Alistair Darling, will double revenue to £4 billion while reducing emissions by less than 1%. This demonstrates clearly that the environment is being used as a flag of convenience by ministers who continue to regard many family cars as a soft target when motorists are already being hit by sky high petrol prices.
ABD Environment Spokesman Ben Adams:
“The green tax is nothing more than greed tax. If the government thinks it can get away with charging motorists over five times the carbon tax rate in its own Stern Report, how long will it be before domestic fuel bills become the next soft target?
Scientists are increasingly questioning global warming dogma, and signs of climate cooling have been observed since 2002. However politicians prefer to be economical with the truth.
Gordon Brown is already promising concessions in the face of a voter backlash over the 10p tax band fiasco. His government should reduce its economically damaging motoring taxes that are already hitting hard working families and businesses.”

1. Daily Telegraph — 'Useless' green levy on drivers rakes in £4bn

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