3 May 2008.
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A Good Day to Bury Bad News?
Survey Shows Britons See Through Green Taxes
On the day of the local and London mayoral elections, The Independent carried the results of a survey 1 that all politicians should read. Deputy Political Editor, Colin Brown, comments as follows:
“Green tax revolt: Britons 'will not foot bill to save planet'. Majority of Britons are opposed to increases in green taxation.
More than seven in 10 voters insist that they would not be willing to pay higher taxes in order to fund projects to combat climate change, according to a new poll. The survey also reveals that most Britons believe "green" taxes on 4x4s, plastic bags and other consumer goods have been imposed to raise cash rather than change our behaviour, while two-thirds of Britons think the entire green agenda has been hijacked as a ploy to increase taxes.”

ABD Environment Spokesman, Ben Adams:
“One particular political party has been forced to hear bad news from over-taxed voters. Now it looks as though other 'bad news', on tax excuses being rumbled, is being buried by announcing it on a day when election news was holding public attention. This is a futile strategy. The message to ALL politicians is clear — your tax war on the motorist must come to an end. Showroom taxes on 4x4s, backdating VED tax hikes on family cars (2), and other attempts to mug motorists are seen for what they are. Hoisting green flags of convenience will not work. The next General Election is up to two years away, but whenever it takes place the votes of more than 30 million driving licence holders will be critical to the outcome.”
The war on the motorist must end. NOW.

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2. ABD PR 617
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