30 June 2008.
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Drivers` Alliance to be Launched Next Month
A pro-motoring group formed with Peter Roberts as CEO is to launch officially next month.
Roberts, who has given up his job in the car industry for this new role, is well known to at least 1.8 million people, also transport writers and particularly the UK government — due to the massive success of his anti-road pricing petition on the 10 Downing Street website. Continuing on that theme Roberts told Local Transport Today 1:
"Reducing congestion is a priority and should be tackled through improving the road infrastructure rather than the blunt and very expensive mechanism of price."
The Drivers' Alliance mission statement asserts that freedom of individual mobility is a fundamental human right, a view that will find resonance with millions of motorists, and indeed the ABD of which Roberts remains a member.
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory welcomed the Drivers' Alliance to the campaign front:
"The notion that driving a car is either a crime or the sole prerogative of the rich is abhorrent yet current political policy is saying precisely that, while taking us headlong into a scenario reminiscent of the former Soviet Union 2. This is a disaster for families and individual quality of life, and the economy, and needs all the opposition we can muster. We welcome the additional input that the Drivers' Alliance will make in support of this country's over-taxed and unjustly treated motorists."

1. Local Transport Today, 27 June 2008
2. "Plans to tax and penalise car use are leading Britain into a former Soviet-style regime" — Professor Garel Rhys, Head of Automotive Economics at Cardiff Business School, and Parliamentary Adviser on Trade and Industry

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