31 Oct 2008.
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Trick, Treat, or Road Safety?
The Association of British Drivers has urged drivers and parents to take extra care on the roads this Halloween night.
ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries explained:
"This is the one night of the year when large numbers of young children will be walking along roads during a dark evening. We urge parents to ensure their children can be seen by drivers. This can be done using light coloured clothing, reflective arm bands, carrying a torch, or using clip-on LED flashers as used by cyclists."
Last year some of our members reported seeing very young children walking along unlit country lanes, and poorly lit village streets, accompanied by their parents who were clearly totally oblivious to road safety, for they had dressed their children in dark clothing, and carried no torch.
People walking along roads with no pavements need to be aware that drivers can be dazzled by the headlights of oncoming traffic making it impossible to see pedestrians who have not made an effort to be seen.
Drivers should be aware of the likelihood of encountering more pedestrians on roads this evening, and be extra vigilant.
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory added:
"Safety devices such as reflective arm bands and LED flashers cost just a few pounds, and young children will love being festooned with flashing lights. There is no excuse for parents not to ensure their kids can be seen by drivers."

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