21 Nov 2008.
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Six Points for "Normal Progress"
Lower speed limits mean higher penalties will hit safe drivers
Government proposals for a six point fixed penalty for those caught 20mph over the limit will hit safe drivers making normal progress, said the ABD today.
This is because speed limits are being lowered on main roads to levels far below what a reasonable person would see as safe, and it is in these locations that cameras tend to be located - for the simple reason that camera placement guidelines direct them to places where compliance with the limit is poor.
"Nobody minds people getting six points for driving past a school at 50mph when the children are milling around," said the ABDs Nigel Humphries. "But most of these six point penalties will be dished out on dual carriageways where the limit is 20mph below a reasonable speed. We know that councils are reducing limits on main roads for 'environmental' reasons because they admit it, so Fitzpatrick's posturing about 'extreme speeders' and reducing casualties is nonsense — if you are one of the small minority he claims to be targeting, who drives dangerously on residential roads or country lanes, your chances of being caught are minimal."
Magistrates already have the power to award 6 penalty points for 'excessive speeding'. All that will happen under these proposals is that it will now be lawful to award up to 6 penalty points under a fixed penalty — thus saving the ministry of justice money and massively increasing the volume of six point penalties that can be issued to safe drivers by cameras and further discouraging the police patrols that catch the genuinely dangerous driver.
"This proposal shows that the Government have learned nothing from 15 years of failed speed camera policy," continued Humphries. "They have lost the plot on road safety altogether — if you add up the number of deaths they claim are caused by speed, drink and drugs then there aren't many left for the inattention and misjudgement that really cause accidents. Making people drive at one pre-set speed is the last thing we need to counter this."

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