25 Nov 2008.
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Pro Road Pricing Advert Pulled By TV Station After Complaints
In breaking news today, Granada TV have pulled a £230,000 advert placed on its network by the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive (GMPTE) following complaints to Ofcom about its biased content.
This has happened as ballot papers are sent out to 1.9 million Greater Manchester residents for them to vote on the proposals to introduce the biggest road pricing zone in the world — a scheme which will charge people up to £1200 a year just for the privilege of driving to work.
"GMPTE are desperate to get the scheme through because the government are tying road pricing to badly needed investment in public transport," said ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries. "So they are spending millions on a campaign of misinformation to persuade the people of Manchester that their city will grind to a halt without this package of investment and road pricing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Manchester is seen as a soft target to get a pilot road pricing scheme through so it can be imposed more easily on other cities such as Leeds and Bristol."
"It's nothing short of blackmail — the investment should be made anyway out of the billions in tax paid by drivers, not tied to a mad road pricing scheme that nobody wants. This referendum has been forced by determined opposition to the road pricing plans, and GMPTE will stop at nothing to try and coerce, bully, bamboozle and con the people of Manchester into voting for the scheme — we believe they will see through this and give a resounding NO to road pricing."


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