12 Dec 2008.
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Manchester Vote Kills Road Pricing
Overwhelming Rejection of Congestion Charging Across Greater Manchester
Today the people of Greater Manchester delivered their verdict on proposals to introduce a congestion charge in their city. The result was an overwhelming "NO" to the road pricing scheme in all ten council areas, with a clear majority of the population voting.
This result was delivered in the face of a multi million campaign in favour of the charge by AGMA (Association of Greater Manchester Authorities) and GMPTA (Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority) who stood to benefit from transport investment from central government — but only if they could get the scheme through.
"This is a great result," said the ABD's Nigel Humphries. "The world was watching the people of Manchester and they have seen through the great government transport bribe and voted to reject road pricing. Surely this means the government must now abandon its back door plans to tax, track and inconvenience drivers with road tolls."
The government must cease its determined campaign to charge us to drive on roads we have already paid for many times over.

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