8 March 2009.
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Anti Car Extremists Drive 50 Limit Proposals
Driving Skills to be Destroyed to Suit Eco Agenda
Government plans to reduce all rural single carriageway speed limits to 50mph and enforce them with average speed cameras were condemned today by the Association of British Drivers as a "speed bully" policy which signals the end of driving excellence in Britain.
Environmentalists, and others who believe that driving is "anti social at any speed", have long campaigned for lower limits - in 1995 Friends of the Earth said:
"speed limits should be made very low and rigidly enforced to take all the glamour out of motoring"
"This is nothing to do with road safety", said the ABDs Nigel Humphries. "Anyone can see that hazards vary along rural roads, and so speeds must vary with them. A blanket 50 mph speed limit does not recognize that roads vary enormously in character and that a limit as low as 50 is totally unnecessary on many rural roads".
For the last fifteen years, whilst road death numbers have failed to improve, the only road safety policies promoted by the government and their advisors have been those which make life more difficult and unpleasant for drivers. In contrast, investment in driving skills or improvements to dangerous roads have been played down.
The over-emphasis on speed as the sole determinant of road safety statistics was always misleading and such a policy has and always will fail to achieve what is intended.
To enforce this new regime we are expected to put up with intrusive monitoring of our driving. This is yet another step in implementation of a "surveillance society" where your every move is monitored and no individual discretion is allowed. Instead of encouraging intelligent and responsible driving, based on the road conditions and the vehicle being used, we have this dictatorial regime that attempts to monitor and control our minute to minute driving standards. It will, of course, have exactly the opposite effect of suppressing the decisions that drivers need to make in this timeframe.
We are pleased that there will be a proper public consultation on this matter, so that the general public have their say on whether they think it is a wise and a proportional response to the problems of road traffic accidents.
"Speed bully" policies have been rolled out by stealth, one limit or scheme at a time, and so largely ignored by the media. Now it is national and "official", we hope that this policy will be exposed for the ignorance that it demonstrates, and that Britain's electorate will tell the government what they think of it.

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