14 March 2009.
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ABD Welcomes MPs` Defence Of Drivers` Privacy
Loophole Allowing Sale of DVLA Data Must be Closed
The Association of British Drivers today welcomed news that two leading MPs have condemned the DVLA for selling drivers' details to parking enforcement companies. 1
Labour MP Gordon Prentice and Norman Baker of the Lib-Dems have publicly attacked the practice of selling drivers' personal details to companies which have been described in the Commons by one MP as "shady operators and crooks" who "fine" allegedly illegal parkers up to £230. 2
"Drivers do not choose to submit their personal details to the DVLA when registering their cars and taxing them, they are forced to do so by law," said the ABD's Nigel Humphries. "They expect such information to be retained by the Government for official purposes only."
Police officers have been sacked for abusing their access to this data via PNC checks, yet now it is being sold for a few pounds to extortionists who are exploiting a loophole in the law that the government has said it will close but thus far has failed to act upon.

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2. http://www.appealnow.com

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