27 March 2009.
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ABD Condemns Inflation Busting Charges from DVLA
The Association of British Drivers today condemned a number of inflation-busting fee increases announced by the DVLA and DSA as extortionate and unreasonable in these times of great hardship for most hard-working families.
The DVLA announced on the 26 March 1 that fees were to rise from £17.50 to £20 (a 14% increase) for replacement driving licences, including, of course, the controversial requirement to renew photographs every ten years.
These increases come at the same time as the Driving Standards Agency increases the practical driving test fee from £56.50 to £62 (a 10% increase) as well as adding £1 to the theory test fee, with higher increases for motorcyclists. 2
"This is a clear indication of how the public sector lives in a parallel universe, divorced from the reality of the recession." said ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries. "These extortionate rises are totally unjustified when the government is telling us that inflation is down to zero".
"It is just another example of the government using drivers as a cash cow to fund their fiscal incompetence" added ABD Chairman Brian Gregory.

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