2 April 2009.
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Sinister EU Plans to Spy on Every Car
The EU is planning to install sinister spy devices in all new cars that will constantly transmit the location, speed, and heading of the car to a central database. 1
ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries said:
"This nightmarish level of intrusion into people's private lives was something even George Orwell did not imagine. It is something the secret police of communist and fascist countries would have relished, so why is it being proposed for a supposedly 'free' Europe?"
Officially known as the Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems (CVIS) project, the plan is being supported by some car manufacturers and some telecomms companies. Why some car manufacturers are aiding and abetting such government spying in these times of financial difficulties is unclear, it is certainly going to discourage anyone in their right mind from buying a new car. Involved telecomms companies will, as usual, simply want to make money with scant regard to the consequences to society, including their own shareholders, employees, and customers.
The project is believed to be dependent upon the EU's hugely expensive 'Galileo' satellite navigation system 2. Although the world already has a perfectly good satellite navigation system, it is run by the USA, and that hurts the EU`s ego, so they`re spending 3 billion euros on their own (at the last count — it's already 2 billion euros over budget). To recoup the cost of this you can be sure they intend to use it to introduce road charging and blanket speed enforcement. It is also tied in with a massive IT project that will link traffic lights and motorway gantries.
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said
"We all read frequent stories in the press about the level of government competence regarding IT projects and the safekeeping of personal data. With this project being Europe-wide it will be a dozen times worse, and in these times of financial crisis only a fool or a fanatic would refuse to scrap the whole idea immediately."

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2. Wikipedia - Galileo --- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galileo_(satellite_navigation)
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