9 April 2009.
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Press Release

Esure Twitterers are Not British!
Don't worry dear, Esure's Twittering PR is "Only a Commercial", the British are really very good drivers!
A press release from Esure car insurance raises concerns about people using the micro-blogging website Twitter whilst driving.
They give a list of ten examples of people who have 'tweeted' whilst driving. The press release is targeted at the UK and the clear implication is that these examples pertain to the UK.
The ABD has conducted an analysis of these ten tweets and found the following results:
  1. "Driving with my knees and peeling an orange...Probably not the safest thing to be doing."
    http://twitter.com/JillianBemindt - USA
  2. "Driving school bus"
    http://twitter.com/cheerioskeeper1 - USA
  3. "Irresponsible twitter driving woo!"
    http://twitter.com/deathwishjones - USA
  4. "Driving up to Newcastle while we Tweet!"
    http://twitter.com/DJNINOBROWN - Australia
  5. "Driving home in the rain...almost crashed!"
    http://twitter.com/shaundiviney - Australia
  6. "Trying my best to stay awake while driving"
    http://twitter.com/MissMalPal - USA
  7. "Awake, hungover, and driving"
    http://twitter.com/BSSPhoto - USA
  8. "Is it wise to use Twitter while driving? Probably not"
    http://twitter.com/thephilzone - USA
  9. "Intoxicated driving. Let's hope this works out"
    http://twitter.com/CharismaGrace - USA
  10. "Twittering and driving..."
    http://twitter.com/soocrispyyy - USA
Not one example from the UK.
ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries said:
"Whilst everyone should rightly be concerned about any unnecessary distractions to driving, using evidence from other countries in an attempt to generate a bit of publicity and incite more hysteria about British drivers is not remotely helpful. All drivers should make every effort to avoid all unnecessary distractions whilst driving."
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said:
"If this is typical of the analytical skills of insurance companies, no wonder premiums are so high."

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