8 May 2009.
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Driver`s Group Demands Facts on Child Deaths are Published
The ABD welcomes today's Audit office report on road safety for pedestrians and cyclists and demands that full facts and figures for every child death for the last three years are published in detail, with only the names and personal details of those involved removed.
ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries explains:
“It is scandalous that the UK is falling behind other countries in road deaths and casualties. The government has for years adopted a one track policy on road safety of targeting speed limit infringement whilst ignoring virtually all other causation factors. Other countries have not gone down this path and have seen success. Our government have been allowed to hide away and manipulate the figures to justify their policies for far too long. The ABD demands that full details of all causation factors for each and every child fatality for the last three years are published so that the true causes of these tragedies can be seen and appropriate measures to prevent them reoccurring taken.”
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said:
“We realise that publication will be upsetting for families of the children concerned but we believe they will all want to see effective action taken to save others from the same heartache. This action must not be a knee jerk, pushed through by the manipulative and well funded road safety industry. It must be effective action based upon the true causes of the accidents not based upon the vested interests of those with money to make from various pet projects. The numbers whilst scandalous are small enough to investigate easily. Let us see for ourselves how many are caused by drunk, drugged or unlicensed drivers or massive recklessness on the part of pedestrians and cyclists, how many are caused by stolen vehicles, how many are caused by distraction and how many are caused solely because a car was travelling between 20mph and 30mph. A quick investigation of local newspaper reports is revealing enough but let's have the full story.”
Perhaps we need a Joanna Lumley to persuade the government to publish?

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