4 June 2009.
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MP`s Attitude to Expense Claims Mirrors Their Attitude To Road Safety
The recent fiasco over MP`s expense claims has revealed a worrying attitude of 'As long as we are obeying the rules then we have done nothing wrong'. Exercising good judgement and setting one`s own standards within the rules does not seem to have occured to many as an option.
ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries comments:
“This has all been very revealing to us at the ABD. For years we have been trying to explain to the government how drivers remain safe by exercising good judgement every minute of every day. Rules should exist only as a framework to work within, it is the good judgement that is crucial. Yet constantly we have faced an attitude from government that rules and regulation is all that matters, drivers are not to be encouraged in judgement skills such as observation and setting speed to road conditions. Instead they are told that 'obeying the rules is all that matters'. They are simply wrong and the ABD hopes for a fresh set of MPs who will look more carefully at road safety and realise that whilst a framework of rules aimed at controlling the irresponsible few is necessary, good judgement as practiced by millions of drivers is the vital thing that must be encouraged in all walks of life, not least their own.”

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