22 Oct 2009.
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BBC Gives BNP a Voice, but Not Climate Sceptics
Clearly the BBC is only 'impartial' when it suits them
It seems that the BBC are happy to give the highly controversial British National Party (BNP) a voice on Question Time, but didn't give a climate sceptic the chance to have a say on the previous week's Newsnight (15th October), which was laughingly billed as 'Greens on trial.' The idea was supposedly to ask tough questions on whether the Greens were blocking innovations vital to the fight against climate change. Any 'trial' without a witness for the prosecution is surely a sham.
The Newsnight discussion (30 minutes of it) was framed so that the introduction saw the return of BBC 'ethical man', Justin Rowlatt, warning that we had only six years to act or else it would be too late, together with footage of world leaders speaking about the severity of the problem, plus footage of the US army on patrol and a voiceover saying that even they now see climate change as one of the biggest global threats.
In the studio defending the green movement for a good 20 minutes were Chairman and Director of the Ecologist and Tory candidate Zac Goldsmith; director of the film The Age of Stupid, Franny Armstrong; and co-founder of the green PR company Futerra, Solitaire Townsend. All of them got the opportunity to promote the climate disaster scenario. The questioning from presenter Emily Maitlis was pretty hopeless.
ABD Environment spokesman Paul Biggs commented:
“Ex-newsreader Peter Sissons recently lifted the lid on what is effectively the BBC's policy of ignoring the legitimate arguments of climate sceptics. Clearly the BBC is impartial when it suits them, but this impartiality does not extend to the climate debate. Apparently climate sceptics rank below the BNP on the BBC's impartiality scale.”

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