3 Dec 2009.
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ABD Welcomes David Cameron`s Health and Safety Speech
Calls for Return to Reasonableness and Responsibility
The ABD today welcomed David Cameron's recent speech attacking the excesses of "health and safety", and called for a rethink of how responsibility and blame are dealt with in road safety.
Spokesman Nigel Humphries said:
“For Britain's drivers, the issues go much deeper than the compensation culture which merely inflates our insurance premiums. Road safety thinking has been dominated by the idea of placing external constraints on drivers' behaviour, and this has diminished individual responsibility and undermined the competence of all road users. Restrictions should be about making the roads safe for reasonable people rather than punishing them in a vain attempt to suppress the dangerous behaviour of a reckless and incompetent minority.”
Health and safety ought to be a good thing rather than the object of ridicule, but the system places intolerable pressure on the Highways Authorities to ‘do something’ in response to accidents, leading to poor lawmaking and cluttered signage. This arises through media pressure and the political unacceptability of ‘blaming the victim’ even if they ARE blatantly to blame. Citizens have been encouraged to seek unreasonable restrictions, even at their own expense, in order to address issues that are nothing to do with those proposals. “A drunk crashed here at 90mph so we want a 30mph speed limit” is a real quote from such a person, apparently oblivious to the absurdity of their statement.
Humphries continued:
“We are fed up with our safe behaviour being criminalized because someone has done something extreme. The emphasis must be on personal accountability and councils must only be responsible for making roads safe for people who act reasonably. We need to resurrect the concept of the "reasonable man" and stop trying to legislate for idiots.“

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