6 Dec 2009.
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UEA Climategate Defence "Barefaced Cheek"
It's Not That Elementary, Prof Watson
The UEA finally started to defend itself against damaging Climategate revelations on Friday, putting up Professor Andrew Watson on both television and radio.
Prof Watson's line of attack was nothing more than barefaced cheek - he suggested that sceptics were "attacking individuals" because they "couldn't attack the science" and clearly stated that the only issue was whether the world has warmed in the last century.
"Unfortunately, Prof Watson's comments are just as manipulative as the contents of the original e-mails," said ABD Climate Expert Paul Biggs. "The issue is NOT whether the world has warmed in the last century; it is whether man-made CO₂ is the cause of this warming. Prof Watson is either ignorant of the facts about climate change or he is deliberately trying to restrict the debate to the one area he feels he can win. Given the recent track record of the UEA, the second possibility seems more likely."
As for "playing the man because you can't play the ball," it was Professor Watson who was caught on air describing ex-US Senate Environmental Spokesman Marc Morano as an "asshole".
"The Climategate e-mails are full of scandalous examples of the UEA and their associates around the world suppressing scientific opinion that disagrees with their false consensus, and even mounting personal attacks to remove sceptics from positions of influence," continued Biggs. "For them to play the victim now is nothing short of disgraceful, and interviewers for the likes of the BBC who allow Watson to get away with this on air are simply incompetent."
The facts have already been revealed - the causal link between mankind's activities and climate change depends on a handful of scientists, not the 4000 oft quoted IPCC contributors. Without this causal link, the work of the other 3980 is irrelevant and the whole show collapses. The UEA is at the core of this crucial link in the chain, which cannot now be considered reliable by any reasonable person.

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