6 Jan 2010.
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Not Gridlock, Freezelock — we warned you in 2005!
The fact that the UK and much of the Northern Hemisphere is in the grip of another severe winter comes as no surprise to the ABD 1
Our November 17th 2005 PR “Not Gridlock, Freezelock” 2 was affirmed in a follow-up PR on 15th February 2006 3. Whilst the ABD prides itself in being a climate realist organisation based on genuinely independent, objective scientific opinion, the likes of the Met Office 4 5 continue to make misleading seasonal forecasts based on the politically motivated demonization of CO₂ and computer modelled global warming alarmism.
ABD Environment spokesman Paul Biggs said,
“The weather and climate remain well within the bounds of natural variability. We've had a decade without any further 'global warming' despite rapidly rising man-made CO₂ emissions and the leaked 'Climategate' emails demonstrate how contrived the science underpinning climate alarmism really is. The current prolonged solar minimum was predicted well over 20 years ago and the accuracy of WeatherAction's solar based weather forecasts continue to embarrass the Met Office 6.
Policies based on the unsound CO₂ driven global warming hypothesis are seriously damaging our mobility, our economy, our energy security and our preparedness to keep a snow bound Britain moving. With our transport infrastructure crippled by snow, only vested political and financial interests keep the global warming bandwagon rolling.”

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4. Mystic Met: A Chronology of Failed Met Office Predictions
5. It has a gigantic supercomputer, 1,500 staff and a £170m-a-year budget. So why does the Met Office get it so wrong?
6. WeatherAction (Piers Corbyn)
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