8 Jan 2010.
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Boris' Transport Strategy Ignores Snow & Ice
Global Warming Paranoia Leaves us Wide Open to Freezelock
The ABD today revealed that in 23 megabytes and 354 pages of Boris Johnson's London transport strategy 1, you won't find the words "snow", "grit", "icy road" "frozen" or "freez(e/ing)". Weather is only mentioned at all in the context of 'climate change', though there is, of course, plenty on the things that the bureaucrats are interested in, like policies to adapt to global warming, new forms of road user charges, and road user charging as a response to climate change.
"While the high priests of PC are waffling on about 'warmer winters and rising sea levels', many ordinary Londoners and commuters would be only too happy to see some action to keep their trains running, or keep their road or pavement passable," said ABD London Campaigner Brian Mooney. "Belief in the Global Warming religion has taken snow and ice off the radar and left us vulnerable to the severe winter weather which, as we can see, is very much still with us."
Boris needs to read the ABD PR on global cooling 2, as, under the Climate Change Act 2008, the Mayor's office must assess the response to changing climate at least every 5 years. The next assessment should include much better preparedness for icy conditions, as we are going to be seeing a lot more of that in the future.

1. Boris Johnson's London Transport Strategy
2. Not Gridlock, Freezelock - we warned you in 2005!
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