11 Jan 2010.
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Buy a 4x4, Not Global Warming Alarmism
'Off road' 4x4 and 'soft road' AWD (All Wheel Drive) vehicles are safer in all types of weather, not just a 'barbecue summer' or a 'mild winter'
4x4 in snowThe recent wet summers and snowy winters, that the global warming alarmists of the Met Office failed to predict, have once again demonstrated the usefulness of owning a four wheel drive vehicle. The extra traction can be a life saver in the dry, wet, mud or snow and on un-gritted roads.
Sadly, 4x4's have been attacked by so-called 'environmentalists' using their usual 'modus operandi' of exaggeration, myths and 'direct action' along with some punitive VED rates imposed by our tax-hungry, anti-car government. Despite this, there are a large range of 4x4 or AWD vehicles available to suit all motoring needs and budgets, starting with the likes of the tiny Suzuki Jimny or the Fiat Panda Cross. There is also the popular option of LPG conversion for the thirstier larger petrol vehicles.
ABD Environment spokesman Paul Biggs said,
“I purchased a Honda CR-V 'soft-roader' in 2006 following the ABD's now vindicated 'Freezelock' prediction 1. It has proved to be invaluable in summer floods due to its higher ground clearance and the extra traction certainly helps in snow or ice. I can also tow my touring caravan safe in the knowledge that I'm less likely to get stuck on muddy fields. For me, it's an ideal, roomy, safe, multi-purpose family vehicle.”
With potentially colder winters predicted for the next 20 to 30 years 2 unjustifiably demonised 4x4 owners may yet have the last laugh on global warming alarmists and anti-car campaigners.

1. ABD PR 696: Not Gridlock, Freezelock - we warned you in 2005!
2. The Mail on Sunday: The mini ice age starts here
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