24 Jan 2010.
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Cameron`s ‘Broken’ Thinking on ‘Green’ Taxes and Marriage
Details of a proposed Conservative ‘green’ tax policy targeting drivers are leaked, denied, and then confirmed
An un-named shadow cabinet minister has allegedly told The Daily Telegraph 1 that the Conservative Party is committed to increasing ‘green’ taxes in order to fund 'family policies', including the recognition of marriage by the income tax system, in the apparent belief that this will mend 'Broken Britain'. Increases in motoring and flight taxes are said to be under consideration. Shadow chancellor George Osborne tried to deny that the green tax plans existed, but the policy is contained within a document available on the Conservative Party website.
ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries said:
“It would be nice if a marriage certificate guaranteed a stable relationship and that there was no such thing as divorce, but in the real world things are never so simple. How can a policy designed to fund tax breaks for married couples be described as ‘green’? Drivers are already taxed many times over for any real or imaginary environmental damage and unwelcome additional taxes can only hurt the families that David Cameron is purporting to help.”

1. The Daily Telegraph — Tories and green taxes: official party policy
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