25 Jan 2010.
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Scandals Discredit Global Warming Policies
UN IPCC Panel Cannot Be Trusted
Cameron, Brown and Clegg please note: The scandals of ‘Climategate’, ‘Glaciergate’ and now ‘Disastergate’ should mean an end to policies based on unfounded global warming alarmism.
The recent ‘Climategate’ emails scandal has been followed by yet more embarrassing revelations which demonstrate that the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports cannot be trusted on anything.
The IPCC view on the amount, causes and effects of climate change are all equally suspect — further vindication of the ABD's long held stance on global warming.
Glaciergate”: The IPCC has been forced to admit that the claim about the melting of Himalayan glaciers by 2035 was false. In an astonishing admission in an interview with The Mail on Sunday 1, Dr Lal, the lead author of the report's chapter on Asia, admitted that the claim was deliberately included in order to impact policy-makers and politicians in order to encourage them to take some "concrete action". UN IPCC Head Rajendra Pachauri has suffered the additional embarrassment of describing those who criticised the IPCC's glacier claim as practising "voodoo science".
Disastergate”: The Sunday Times 2 has revealed that UN IPCC wrongly linked global warming to natural disasters. Claims that global warming is linked to the number and severity of disasters such as hurricanes and floods have been shown to be based on weak evidence that had not been subjected to proper scientific scrutiny. Interviewed by the Times, disaster loss expert Dr Roger Pielke Jr said: “All the literature published before and since the IPCC report shows that rising disaster losses can be explained entirely by social change. People have looked hard for evidence that global warming plays a part but can't find it.”
ABD Environment spokesman Paul Biggs said:
“The evidence is now overwhelming that the UN IPCC reports have tried to scare governments into submission with doomsday scenarios — perhaps to distract them from the poor quality of the ‘evidence’ supporting their assertion that mankind's CO2 emissions really do drive the climate.”
This is an exercise in global warming alarmism aimed at underpinning ‘green’ taxes and restrictions on the general public, with a disproportionate focus on drivers. The likes of Ed Miliband who have tried to exploit the misery inflicted by natural disasters for political purposes should now apologise or resign.

1. Mail on Sunday - Glacier scientist: I knew data hadn't been verified
2. Sunday Times - UN wrongly linked global warming to natural disasters
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