2 Feb 2010.
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Stern Link Shows Tories Are Detached From Climate Policy Reality
Conservatives are 'nobbling' democracy by failing to provide an alternative to policies based on unfounded climate alarmism.
Press reports suggest that the Tories intend to recruit Lord Stern, author of the Stern Review on the economics of climate change that has recently been shown to be erroneous, in order to advise on the creation of a 'Green Investment Bank'. The ABD wonders if Cameron's shadow cabinet are kept in a locked room and isolated from the news. Tory silence on 'Climategate', the recent UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) scandals and the quiet post-publication alterations to the risible 'Stern Review' are deafening.
ABD Environment spokesman Paul Biggs said:
‘The 2007 IPCC report and the 2006 Stern Review have been shown to have erroneously linked global warming with natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes 1. Furthermore, a number of other errors in the Stern Review have been quietly altered meaning that 'the numbers' for Stern's economics of climate change no longer add up 2 3. The bad news that the Tories intend to recruit Lord Stern comes at a time when there is a desperate need for politically feasible climate and energy policies from a climate realist party ahead of the forthcoming general election. Otherwise, the UK's unachievable, unilateral CO₂ emissions reduction targets will continue to see a disproportionate focus on drivers as part of the wider anti-car agenda. The ABD urges the Tories to recruit a climate realist such as Lord Lawson of The Global Warming Policy Foundation.”

1. The Times - LORD STERN'S report on climate change, which underpins government policy, has come under fire from a disaster analyst who says the research he contributed was misused
2. The Daily Telegraph - Information was quietly removed from an influential government report on the cost of climate change after its initial publication because supporting scientific evidence could not be found
3. ABD PR 701 - 'Sterngate': The Influential Stern Review Has Been Quietly Altered
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