1 Apr 2010.
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Drivers Welcome North Wales Police Enlightenment
The Association of British Drivers welcomes new Chief Constable's efforts to overturn the antagonistic culture created by his predecessor.
The new Chief Constable of North Wales Police, Mark Polin, has announced his intention to end the obsession with prosecuting drivers that was symptomatic of his predecessor's reign. 1 He has stated that officers will use discretion and issue more cautions rather than handing out tickets willy-nilly.
ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries said:
“This is excellent news for the people of North Wales and the people who visit this popular tourist area. The previous Chief Constable created an unpleasant atmosphere that made drivers think the police were the enemy, this benefited no-one, least of all the police. We welcome the announcement by Mark Polin of more discretionary measures and issuing of cautions. Slapping a £60 fine and three points on people for being a few miles per hour over an often arbitrary speed limit is poor policing and achieves nothing but a waste of police resources, and the alienation of safe and law-abiding drivers. Educating drivers and punishing only the reckless minority is the way forward for road safety, drivers have had enough of the nanny state mentality.”

1. Daily Post
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