12 Aug 2010.
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ABD Chairman Brian Gregory Comments On Speed Camera ‘Switch-Off’ Hysteria
“Journalists and the public should be wary of being misled by claims of ‘success’ by the road safety industry. Figures put out by such bodies routinely and deliberately ignore the huge strides made in vehicle safety design, better roads and improved paramedic care. Such factors could be responsible for the majority if not all casualty reduction as demonstrated by similar success in countries where the obsession with speed alone does not exist. They also ignore other factors such as ‘Regression to the Mean’ — a long established statistical phenomenon that accounts for most of the ‘benefit illusion’ wrongly attributed to speed cameras. There is simply no hard evidence of any positive results from speed cameras.”


1. EuroNCAP claim a 12% reduction in KSI for each safety star awarded to a car - a car with 5 star safety therefore potentially reduces KSI by 60%.

2. Buried in 'Appendix H' of the DfT's Four-Year Speed Camera Evaluation Report [pdf] is a calculation that attributes three-fifths of casualty reduction at camera sites to 'Regression to the Mean' and only one-fifth is attributed to cameras. The headline claim of a 42% casualty reduction at camera sites is therefore grossly misleading and has recently been withdrawn by the DfT

3. DfT 'unwittingly' bigged-up speed camera benefits

4. The DfT's Three-Year Speed Camera Evaluation Report revealed that 384 of the 1793 camera sites studied showed an increase in casualties after camera installation and dozens more showed no decrease at all
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