15 Aug 2010.
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ABD Comments on Reports of Speeding at Deactivated Camera Sites
Small increases in speed at deactivated camera sites are nothing to worry about.
ABD chairman Brian Gregory explains:
“Most cameras were installed where speed limits were set at an artificially low level for maximum revenue*. All drivers are now doing is reverting to the natural driving speed for the road, the difference being that they are now paying proper attention to the road ahead and not looking down at their speedometers. They will now drive at a consistent and safe speed along the whole road, rather than artificially slowing at the camera site to appease the nanny state.”
*Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership specifically chose two deactivated cameras that were situated on roads with an artificially low speed limit for their survey in order to get the results of increased speeds they wanted.

One national newspaper was so keen to attack plans to switch off cameras, that they didn't bother to read the Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership press release properly, and published an article about the wrong camera, even persuading a naive local woman and her daughter out to pose in front of the camera.



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