25 Aug 2010.
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ABD Rebuttal of RoSPA`s Speed Camera Claims
RoSPA have produced a paper entitled 'Safety Cameras and Road Safety Funding Cuts' 1
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said:
“It's a great pity that a safety organisation like RoSPA should produce such a one-sided report on speed cameras that ignores their negative effects on road safety and the misleading statistics used to support them.”
The ABD responds with a brief point by point rebuttal of RoSPA's claims:

1. RoSPA: Safety Cameras and Road Safety Funding Cuts
2. DfT Four-Year Speed Camera Evaluation Report [pdf]
3. Three-Year Speed Camera Evaluation Report [pdf]
4. The 85th percentile speed is the speed that 85 per cent of drivers would not exceed anyway in the absence of a speed limit. International experience over the last 70 years shows that this is the optimum speed at which to set speed limits to achieve maximum voluntary compliance, smoothest traffic flow, lowest spread of speeds and fewest accidents. Reducing speed limits below this level can actually increase accidents and does little if anything to reduce actual speeds.
5. Witney Gazette: Row erupts over 'misuse' of speed camera data
6. Daily Mail: Proof speed cameras exist to rake in money as receipts finally fall
7. Taxpayers' Alliance Report on Speeding Fines
8. Changes in safety on England's roads: analysis of hospital statistics (published 23 June 2006) BMJ: Conclusions: "The overall fall seen in police statistics for non-fatal road traffic injuries probably represents a fall in completeness of reporting of these injuries." BMJ [pdf]
ABD website: Speed camera quotes, including comments from police officers
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