4 Nov 2010.
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Britain Strangled by Green Tape
Channel 4 documentary on green movement's damaging past mistakes should refocus on damage being caused today
Channel 4 are screening a documentary tonight in which well known green campaigners admit to colossal and counter-productive mistakes in their thinking such as opposition to nuclear power and GM crops. The ABD suggests a follow up documentary should reflect on the damage current green campaigners are doing right now and pondering on what regrets they may have in a few years time when the scale of waste on so-called green policies will become even more evident.

ABD Environment Spokesman Paul Biggs explains:
“The ‘green’ modus operandi is to target, demonise, scaremonger and exaggerate, often accompanied by illegal ‘direct action’. Past green ‘mistakes’ on nuclear power and GM crops are minor when compared to the immense damage that man-made global warming alarmism, via the unjustified demonization of CO₂, is doing now, and will continue to do in the future.

Our economically essential road and air transport infrastructures are being eroded, along with our energy infrastructure. Businesses are being needlessly hampered by ‘carbon reduction schemes’, ‘green’ taxes and other ‘green tape’. Utility bills are soaring as energy companies are forced to invest in expensive, intermittent ‘green technology’. Energy poverty in the UK has doubled in the past 5 years as a direct result. Road fuel taxation and some VED rates have soared as part of the green attack on the car.

The evidence and consequences of current green mistakes are there for all to see. We simply can't afford to wait for any more hollow green apologies sometime in the future. The green agenda must be reined in NOW!”

1. Channel 4 Documentary “What the green movement got wrong” (21:00 Thursday 4th November)
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