2 Jan 2010.
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Coalition Fuels Inflation
The new year sees more pain at the pumps for drivers, with rises in fuel duty and VAT adding around 4p to the cost of a litre of petrol or diesel.
The Asssociation of British Drivers (ABD) recalls the words of Prime Minister David Cameron before the General Election, on how the previous government had hammered drivers with various taxes. He added that that his party had got to do things very differently and make life easier for families facing sky-high motoring bills 1.

He even indicated that he could help families by cutting fuel taxes when global fuel prices rise.

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory remarked:
“Fuel tax increases don't just hurt the driver and our hard-pressed haulage industry, they will be reflected in price rises at the shops for everyone. 2
The ABD calls on the government to cancel above-inflation rises set for the next three years, instead cutting out waste, for instance in environmental projects that will not yield practical benefits.

ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries added:
“In 2010, Transport Secretary Philip Hammond committed to ending the war on the motorist and paid tribute to the fact that 84% of all journeys in the UK are made by car 3. It would be a fitting New Year's resolution to invest more of the billions taken from drivers 4 in things that they actually want, like decent road surfaces and ensuring adequate gritting. 5

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4. Taxes on drivers were reckoned in the region of £45-£50 billion a year before the 2011 rises, and each extra penny in tax raises the pain to drivers by another £500 million a year. Evening Standard

5. Tax Payers Alliance reveals council spending on emergency road salt.

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