3 Jan 2011.
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PPG13 — Rot in Hell
The government has announced the scrapping of residential parking place limits and higher parking charge guidance which were put in place by Johnny '2 Jags' Prescott back in 2001 in his policy called "PPG13".
ABD Spokesman Nigel Humphries commented:
“The totally clueless parking space limits on new housing developments that were imposed by Prescott have led to cars cluttering roads on housing estates across the country because houses only have space for one car on the drive. Whilst many generations of our children will have to put up with the mess created by Prescott, we can at least be reassured that there will be no more created.”
On parking charges, ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said:
“Councils need to understand that excessive parking charges discourage local residents, visitors, and tourists from shopping in the area. This leads to less trade for businesses, which then find it more difficult to survive. You can always recognise towns with excessive parking charges — they're the ones with all the empty shop units. Conversely, free or cheap parking encourages trade which leads to successful local businesses, a vibrant town centre, and more business rates for councils. You would not think that this was rocket science, yet sadly many local councillors do not seem to have the intellect to see the bigger picture, all they want to do is to abuse their power and extort money from drivers.
The ABD would like to see a standard period of free parking for an hour or more to encourage people who just wish to pop into one or two shops and buy a couple of things. Parking charges should only be used when people intend to spend many hours shopping, and to ensure spaces intended for shoppers are not used all day by commuters.”

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