17 Jan 2010.
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War On The Motorist. When Will The End Begin?
The Tories were elected, just like Boris Johnson, largely on a pro motorist agenda by a public sick of Labour's long running attacks.
However, it appears, just as with the Mayor of London, an immediate U-turn is occurring. Promises of a fair fuel policy and relaxation of unnecessary legislation appear forgotten whilst billions of driver's money is poured into fruitless 'green' policies.

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said:
“The public are very angry. What they voted for is not happening. If David Cameron wishes to maintain any credibility he must be seen to be taking positive action to ease both the financial and legislative burden on the motorist. Instead he appears to be increasing the financial burden and doing little to stop the relentless punishment of drivers safely going about their everyday business.”
The ABD 'wish list' — what the government need to do to win back the support of the driver:
  1. Establish a fuel duty stabiliser as promised pre election. This would lower the duty as oil prices rise and vice versa.
  2. Scrap Vehicle Excise Duty and put a revenue neutral amount on fuel. This does away with mountains of bureaucracy and taxes usage, not ownership.
  3. Scrap New Labour's 'mean speed' setting of speed limits which criminalises 50% of drivers and return to the proven safety maximising 85th Percentile method.
  4. In conjunction with (3) above, ensure speed cameras are only used at genuine accident blackspots by a full and deep analysis of accidents at all camera sites.
  5. Scrap the plans to punish those who keep uninsured vehicles off the road, and SORN. SORN was a dismal failure in preventing evasion of Vehicle Excise Duty whilst punishing the innocent and was also one of the most called for laws to be scrapped on the coalition's 'Your Freedom' website. The new plan will be more of the same.
  6. Increase police traffic patrols to pre speed camera levels with a mission to tackle dangerous and reckless driving backed up by effective punishments.
  7. Scrap the plan to allow councils to charge what they like for parking.
  8. Promise to force councils to remove any yellow lines which are not there for valid safety reasons.
  9. Promise to scrap any underused bus lanes. Scrapping one high profile example, the M4 bus lane, is not enough.
  10. Instead of high speed rail which will benefit few, promise to upgrade the road system with new bypasses and completion of the motorway network.
  11. Take positive action on utilities digging up the roads.
  12. Take away the right for local authorities to introduce 20mph speed limits without government approval and increase the motorway speed limit to 80mph to reflect reality.

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