12 Mar 2011.
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A9 Slochd '2+1' Scheme a Waste of Time & Money
The Association of British Drivers questions the competence of Transport Scotland planners.
Transport Scotland are proposing to widen a single carriageway section of the A9 trunk road near Slochd in the Highlands by adding an overtaking lane 1 2, despite being well aware that the entire road between Perth and Inverness needs upgrading to dual carriageway.

The construction of this overtaking lane will impose lengthy delays on traffic for many months. When the road is eventually dualled — as Transport Scotland have accepted it must be — the new lane will become redundant, and may even need to be dug up!

ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries said:
“It makes no sense that Transport Scotland should waste money in this manner rather than do the job properly. Building a new carriageway alongside the existing one — in order to create a dual carriageway — is clearly the more sensible option, as this will minimize disruption, be far safer during construction, make the road safer afterwards, and future-proof the road.”
A previous 2+1 scheme at Moy has been rendered useless by cones closing off the overtaking lane after local residents trying to turn off the A9 pointed out that it was dangerous. They had done so before construction started but were ignored. 3

ABD Regional Co-ordinator for Scotland Peter Spinney said:
“Scottish Minister for Transport, Keith Brown, needs to take a long hard look at the competence of planners at Transport Scotland. Public money is being wasted, drivers are being subject to lengthy and unnecessary delays, and road safety risks are not being properly analysed. Fatal accidents continue to occur on the single carriageway sections of the A9 with worrying frequency. The situation cannot be allowed to continue.”

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