8 May 2010.
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Minister's Car Ban Proposal Simply Misses the Point
Public health minister Anne Milton MP has proposed closing roads on Sundays so that children can play in them. She described this as 'an outstanding idea' after a Commons debate on obesity and a recent chat with a health minister from Colombia, which closes its roads. 1 2

The Association of British Drivers (ABD) reacted with amazement to Ms. Milton's suggestion. ABD Chairman Brian Gregory responded:
“It`s not so long ago that the government assured us it was ending the war on the motorist. We pay several times over to use our roads, not be banned from them. Suggesting unnecessary restrictions on our freedom will achieve nothing.

Has Ms Milton also considered that many people drive out with their families for sporting and other healthy leisure activities on Sundays? She should concentrate her attention on encouraging healthier diet, as obesity is caused by excessive calories, not car use.”

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2. Hansard - Debate 3 May
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