11 May 2011.
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ABD Comments on Government Proposals For Reckless Driving & Speed Limits
The ABD welcomes targeting of reckless, drugged and drunk drivers. This is long overdue. Such drivers are over represented in the accident statistics. It is unfortunate that accidents caused by them have all to often been labelled 'speed related'. Instead of tackling the problem the previous government used them as a reason to put up more cameras.

Mr Hammond needs to study the subject of speed limits more deeply. There is no trade off between speed limits and economic benefit. This is based on the false assumption that lowering limits always increases safety. There is a massive body of evidence to show this is not the case. There is a proven level to set limits at which safety is maximised. The '85th percentile' has been used internationally for decades. Labour abandoned it and allowed councils to set limits at 'mean speed' which reduces safety and criminalises 50% of drivers. All Mr Hammond needs to do is insist upon a national standard of 85th percentile for all local authorities.

Whilst tailgating and reckless overtaking/overtaking on the inside must be tackled and there is no excuse for such behaviour, Mr Hammond should also look at the overall picture of inconsiderate driving and what leads to the frustration behind such behaviour. Lane discipline or 'lane hogging' is a major issue here as are inconsiderate drivers who hold up long streams of traffic refusing to pull into lay-bys to allow traffic to flow freely.

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