2 Jun 2011.
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11% Vehicle Excise Duty Surcharge On Poorer Drivers Excessive
The DVLA offers a choice of 6 monthly or 12 monthly road tax renewals. The ABD says the 11% (approx) surcharge for renewing at 6 monthly intervals is grossly unfair to poorer drivers who often cannot afford the full year's tax.

ABD spokesman Nigel Humphries comments:
“Years ago, renewing VED was a laborious process checking MOT and insurance certificates were valid. These days one click of a mouse checks these, either via online renewals or at a post office, and electronic payment methods are cheap*. All it costs the DVLA is the printing and postage of an extra disc, probably under £1 instead of the £10 to £46 they are charging. Interest is a factor but at today's low interest rates we can see no justification.”
The ABD have long called for VED to be scrapped and a revenue neutral amount placed on fuel. This would save huge amounts of unnecessary bureaucracy and waste, whilst taxing usage, not ownership.

(*Credit cards are charged an extra £2.50)

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