10 Jun 2011.
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Blackfriars Bridge Should Be 30mph
The Association of British Drivers calls on the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to ignore calls for a continuation of the temporary 20mph speed limit on Blackfriars Bridge.
The speed limit was lowered to 20mph whilst works were taking place, but will return to 30mph once these are complete.

Cycling activists and opposition politicians in the London Assembly have called for the 20mph to be retained. 1

ABD Regional Co-ordinator for London, Roger Lawson said:
“Blackfriars Bridge is a wide bridge with two traffic lanes in each direction, each with a dedicated cycle lane, the pavements are also very wide. There is absolutely no justification for a 20mph speed limit.”
The ABD is very concerned that inappropriate use of 20mph speed limits is seriously compromising road safety.

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory explained:
“Whilst 20 mph speed limits may be appropriate in a limited number of places where roads are very narrow, or at specific times outside schools, imposing them on inappropriate roads undermines respect for speed limits in general. This has consequences elsewhere which are not considered by those who make such decisions.”

1. London Evening Standard
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