27 Jun 2011.
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Local Authorities Urged to Listen to Police Experts on Speed Limits
The ABD has urged the government to transfer speed setting powers from local councils to police experts.
Instead the tory localism agenda has transferred virtually all powers to local authorities. All over the country we are getting reports of expert police advice being totally ignored in the face of vociferous local residents as the government washes its hands of the matter.

ABD chairman Brian Gregory comments:
“Speed limits are a vital road safety tool. Setting them incorrectly, ignoring expert advice and established scientific principles (the 85th percentile) is a dangerous game. Any objections to limits these days, even by police traffic officers are simply overruled in a rubber stamping exercise. The tories have let the motorist and road safety down badly, creating further disrespect for all limits and criminalising even more safe drivers with artificially low limits.”
ABD representative Brian McDowell said:
“I recently attended a council transport committee meeting in Kent where police advice, based on sound scientific methodology, was completely ignored by vocal residents and councillors determined to reduce limits. Police advice stated that too low a reduction leads to non compliance with limits. In Warwickshire the police submitted over 40 objections to the speed limit review and the 'consultation' resulted in 3 to 1 against the proposals — but the council went ahead regardless. The problem is that councillors see limit reductions as vote winners and their knowledge of accident causation factors is extremely lacking. They badly need educating or having their powers transferred to a body of experts with no political connections. Having amateurs set speed limits is akin to giving a small child your car keys — it's dangerous.”

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