30 June 2011.
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Tory Promises not Kept — Let Down for Drivers
The ABD contrasts excerpts from then Conservative Transport Spokesperson Theresa Villiers 2009 conference speech with the reality of 13 months in power.1
Theresa Villiers' conference speech Oct 2009: 2
“Ladies and gentlemen, a Conservative government would not fund any new fixed speed cameras because they are not the best way to make our roads safer. If local authorities want new cameras they'll have to prove nothing else works better and they'll have to find the money themselves."
The reality: There appears to be no requirement to 'prove nothing else works better' and the government has approved new 'back door' funding for cameras in some areas by allowing cameras to be funded from profits from speed awareness courses.

“We'll abolish Labour's camera quangos and expose speed cameras to real democratic control. That means publishing the information that's now kept secret on each speed camera's record on safety and on fines, so local communities can judge for themselves whether a camera should stay or whether it should go.”
The reality: Camera partnerships are still very much in existence. They have been asked politely to 'begin' to publish some information with no apparent deadlines or sanctions for not doing so. Will the information be detailed enough for a full statistical analysis?

Ms Villiers said she would also ensure the use of the new-style average-speed cameras would be 'limited and targeted' on major roads and motorways - and then only when there were roadworks or some other valid reason for installing them. 3
From: 'Villiers: Safer Roads — Stopping the March of the Fixed Speed Camera':
“we expect average speed cameras to continue to be used to enforce reduced speed limits during motorway road works but we will stop the roll-out of average speed cameras on urban roads.”
The reality: The government has approved the use of 'Speedspike' average speed cameras to enforce 20mph speed limits in towns.

The public will judge the government's record on cameras. However, they wouldn't be such an issue if limits were correctly set. Far more worrying for drivers is the government's 'localism' agenda which is shifting more power to local authorities to set speed limits. As councils already routinely ignore police and expert advice things are about to get much, much worse for Britain's drivers.

1. Theresa Villiers is a now Minister of State for Transport.
2. Theresa Villiers speech on ending the expansion of speed cameras.
3. Manchester Evening News 6/10/2009.
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