23 Jul 2011.
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Heads Must Roll In Speed Camera Scandal
Lancashire has been one of the first counties to publish its speed camera statistics under new government rules and locals are horrified.
The Lancashire Evening Post has found three speed cameras in Preston alone where the number of accidents and casualties has increased since the cameras were installed (countywide analysis may reveal more).

According to the Evening Post those same three cameras raked in £18,000 in fines from motorists in 2010. 1

ABD chairman Brian Gregory commented.
“Not only is it scandalous that cameras where casualties have increased have been kept in operation for many years, it is even more disturbing that the authorities have hidden this data and authorised continued operation whilst being in possession of this knowledge. The government should get a grip and insist that those responsible for such malpractice in all regions are removed from public service with immediate effect.”

1. Lancashire Evening Post — Cash Grabbing Speed Cams Will be Reviewed
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