30 Jul 2011.
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Addressing the Menace of Excessively Slow Drivers
Confused.com recently conducted a survey which showed that 60% of motorists experience an increase in stress levels and a heightened irritability when faced with a vehicle moving slower than the rest of the traffic, and that nearly half of UK drivers attempt unsafe overtaking to pass slow moving vehicles. 1

Whilst the ABD fully agrees that driving well below the natural speed that most drivers would wish to travel is anti-social and dangerous and that the issue needs addressing, they do not support the measures proposed by confused.com of minimum speed limits enforced by cameras.

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory explains:
“If only everybody drove around the speed a reasonable person would expect to travel, the roads would be much safer, less stressful places for all. Unfortunately there will always be small minorities who either wish to travel dangerously fast or far too slow, disrupting safe traffic flow, causing congestion and prompting rash behaviour as highlighted in the confused.com survey. These people can be dealt with under existing due care and attention laws, although cases are sadly all too rare. The ABD would like to see laws similar to some continental countries where it is compulsory for slow moving vehicles to pull in at the first opportunity to allow following vehicles to pass. We also have grave concerns over the 40MPH limits for heavy goods vehicles on single carriageway roads. These are outdated and should be scrapped.”
ABD Spokesman Nigel Humphries commented:
“It is unfortunate that the 'Speed Kills' hysteria has led to such dangerous behaviour being encouraged and some drivers; the 'Aggressive Slows' have been led to believe they are making the roads safer. One petrol company, egged on by 'BRAKE', recently held a campaign asking drivers to pledge to drive at 20MPH or slower in 30MPH limits 2. We regard this as highly irresponsible. Whilst lower speeds are of course appropriate in some areas, driving below 20MPH regardless of conditions and hazard density is simply dangerous and would lead to a failure of the basic driving test.”

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