25 Aug 2011.
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ABD Slams Botched Release Of Speed Camera Statistics
The Department for Transport has announced that some camera partnerships have complied with its request to release speed camera statistics. 1
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory comments:
“The public must ask the question: 'What are camera partnerships trying to hide?'. For years we have been trying to get proper statistics out of them and have invariably come up against a brick wall. The government eventually politely requested information without putting in place any demands to produce the full data needed for a proper analysis2. Some of the camera partnerships have reluctantly complied by publishing the minimum of data they can get away with and others haven't published at all. Quite clearly, if the data showed cameras in good light, the partnerships would be proudly shouting the full facts from the rooftops. Their reluctance says it all.”
The ABD urges journalists to fully investigate the figures released and to demand the full data as listed in ABD PR 751 below.

1. DfT press release

2. Demands for data ABD PR 751

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