30 Sep 2011.
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Cameron Must End the War on the Motorist
In the party conference season, it is worth recapping on the promises made just two years ago by those now in government. A government that has promised to end the 'War on the Motorist'.
We were told that This was annouced as "a major shift in road safety policy" favouring measures on their effectiveness in saving lives, not the fines they generated. 1

ABD media spokesman, Nigel Humphries commented:
“Our new Road Safety Minister has been canny enough to note that most of the cameras recently reviewed were 'cash cows', and that a camera could even be the cause of accidents. However, the quangos running them are very much still in place. 2
Many of these 'revenue camera partnerships' couldn't meet the deadline for justifying their existence. What further evidence does the government need to keep its promise, and move away from the failed policies of the past?”

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory added:
“Before the election, David Cameron said that in power, he would have to do things very differently and make life easier for families facing sky-high motoring bills. He even hinted at helping families by cutting fuel taxes when global prices rise. 3
Not only have there been repeated rises in fuel taxes, but above-inflation rises are planned for next year. Many parts of the country have also seen local authorities take liberties with parking charges. 4
Little wonder that in a recent survey, 99% of drivers felt that the 'War on the Motorist' was still very much going on, and 91% had no confidence that the government was serious about ending it. 5
David Cameron has already announced a consultation on cutting red tape bureaucracy. As he has said that he'd be a 'friend of the motorist', he should announce an immediate consultation on what anti-motorist measures the public would like scrapped. This must be followed by firm action, including cancelling the planned fuel tax rises.”

The ABD has produced a basic scorecard showing how the 'war on the Motorist' has not been ended, and that discredited policies are still being followed.

1. Then-transport spokesperson Theresa Villiers, Conservative Party Conference, October 2009 — epolitix / Manchester Evening News
2. Hemel Hempstead Gazette, 31st August 2011
3. Daily Telegraph, 29th April 2010
4. One postponed rise from 2011, plus rises at least in line with RPI. This is invariably higher than the CPI used to reflect cost of living inflation. As an example, RPI was running at 5.2% in August, while CPI was only 4.5%.
5. RAC Report on Motoring, 2011
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