8 Oct 2011.
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Dangerous Driving Proposals Have Dangerous Blind Spots
Victims Better Served by Tackling the Action, Not the Outcome
The ABD have long called for tougher penalties on Dangerous and Reckless Drivers. However these should depend upon the action and in particular the wilfulness of such, rather than whether they injured or killed somebody.

ABD Chairman Brian Gregory explains:
“It is quite sickening to read of so many cases where car thieves and drunks wilfully drive the wrong way up motorways, break through level crossing barriers, deliberately drive at reckless speeds and often even crash yet because, by the skin of their teeth, they don't actually kill or injure anybody, they get off with minimal sentences. Watching any of the "Police, Camera, Action!" type programmes, one cannot fail to be angry at the pitiful sentences handed out. The new offence of causing serious injury by dangerous driving will not touch these deliberately dangerous drivers at all, whilst those who have a momentary lapse of concentration resulting in an injury could face a jail sentence. Ken Clarke says he has taken the views of victims into account 1 when preparing these changes, but surely those victims would be better served by removing these drivers from the road (and from society where appropriate) before they kill or injure?

The maximum penalties for wilfully dangerous drivers of the type mentioned above should be raised regardless of whether they kill or injure, and they should receive long bans. Caution is however needed to ensure that injury causation is not used as a reason to jail those who have simply made a mistake and been unlucky.

The government should also increase the level of police patrols, as this is a proven deterrent to those who might be tempted to abuse our roads.”

1. Daily Telegraph — Motorists who cause serious injury to face longer in jail
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