22 Oct 2011.
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ABD Welcomes New Secretary of State for Transport Justine Greening
The ABD hope that the appointment of Justine Greening will mean a revival of the as yet unfulfilled Tory promise to 'end the war on the motorist'.
Chairman Brian Gregory outlines a list of urgent priorities:
  1. Scrap the guidance given to local councils to set speed limits at the speed which 50% of drivers naturally travel above (the 50th percentile).
    This guidance, known as Circular 1/2006, potentially criminalises the safe behaviour of 50% of drivers on a given road and is thus an affront to natural justice. A return to the safety-maximising 85th percentile should take place immediately 1.
  2. Force camera partnerships to complete their publication of statistics and insist upon removal of any cameras at sites where injuries/fatalities have not reduced.
  3. Scrap HS2 which would only benefit a small minority and spend the £30 billion saved on the road system/cutting the cost of motoring which will benefit the vast majority.
  4. Cut fuel taxes and introduced the promised 'fuel stabiliser'.
    It should be noted the the '£30 billion' saved from HS2 would be enough to scrap VAT on road fuel altogether for 6 years. Such a measure would kickstart the economy and make life much easier for hard pressed families and businesses
  5. Refocus proposals on dangerous driving laws towards intent rather than outcome. i.e. the punishment for deliberate reckless and dangerous behaviour by illegal drivers should reflect the risk caused rather than whether somebody was unlucky enough to be in the way. Somebody who steals a car and deliberately drives the wrong way up a motorway deserves the same punishment regardless of whether they kill or injure. Punishment for normally safe, legal drivers who make a genuine mistake should reflect on the action or mistake rather than the outcome over which they have little or no control.
  6. Embark upon a programme to publish full details of causation factors for every fatal accident in the UK including estimated speed of travel. Full data is recorded after every such crash but is not centrally collected, analysed and published as it should be. We can see no valid reason for witholding this information from the public.
  7. Scrap the ludicrously complex and expensive to administer VED charges and put a revenue neutral amount on road fuel.

1. Speed Limits: their correct use, setting, and enforcement
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